Email: Scott Hill

This summer in June I completed tracking my fourth album with a new trio comprised of paris bassist Stephane Kerecki and drummer Fabrice Moreau. This is due to be released in early 2009.

In 2004 I was selected by the late Steve Lacy to participate as an associate artist in the May 2004 residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida.  It was at this residency where I met violinist Eric km Clark and pianist Roberta Piket and formed the chamber improv ensemble known as Fragments. Soon after the residency, I returned to France in support of my 2nd solo CD "Narrow Streets" - which I had recorded in Paris, March 2002. In 2005, Fragments recorded it's first self-entitled album and we began touring.  

Other noteable projects include a commissioned score in August 2003 by banned Iranian author Sharnush Parsipour and my debut independent release Steps - recorded in San Francisco in 2000. This recording enlisted the talents of drummer Scott Amendola, bassist John Shifflett, and a special guest appearances from musicians Rob Burger,  Leonard Thompson, and Lee Alexander. I have also appeared with Persian folk musician Aldoush Alpanian on his highly acclaimed debut release "The Child Within" (XDOT25) in 1992 and recorded with the electric fusion power trio Three Bean Salad on their release in 1994, "Legumity" (XDOT25).  I studied jazz improvisation and theory under Stan Kenton alumnus and Fulbright scholar Ray Brown (trumpeter and arranger). I also hold a bachelors degree in Music from the University of California at Santa Cruz and currently reside in Ipswich, England.